The Crossroads



There are so many signs but yet 2 decisions. There are so many crossroads but yet 1 direction. There are so many people but yet 1 leader. I have hit yet another crossroad in my life, weighing 2 burdens  of choices on my shoulders which eventually one will fall……Crossroads in life are not defined as only choices, life is all about choice we make choices everyday! Crossroads are defined as not only a equal amount of result but also a choice that is unseen. Crossroads are solely and completely dependent on your faith. Depending on the road you choose determines the amount of faith in your heart….Its not only the amount of faith you have for yourself but it the amount of faith you have for God.


With all the signs you only have  2 decisions….One go down the old road, the road of what you are more formilar with, the one that is more safe. This road requires very little amount of faith and less amount of work. The other decision is the exact opposite, Its the new road…something you have never seen. A road that requires all of your faith and all the amounts of hard work.

God creates crossroads for a reason….Which road do you think he would be more proud of?

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