Straight Outta of Compton


Yes I saw the movie, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Over all I would have to say it was a good movie. I was inspired by the passion and the drive the members of the group had but most of all the purpose of their journey. The reason they had such a successful journey in their career is because they had a passion to see something change. Growing up in the hood the passion came from seeing something unfair. My question was why don’t Christians have that same passion?


Why are we speaking passionately on how it’s unfair to live for yourself and not for God despite all the things he has done for us? Why aren’t we speaking about how God changed us? Why can’t we have a Christian revolution to change what is wrong to right? Why don’t we speak up on what the media feed us, and their goals to make us desperate to where we believe anything they feed us, while doing anything they tell us. Or how about sex before marriage? How it’s been such a norm in the Christian culture, while still pointing the finger at same sex marriage


The movie Straight out of Compton is the reflection of us in the world. We see how the world treats us but we don’t do or say anything about it. We need to be reminded that we have a voice and the only way things will change is if we stand up for what was right and repent to the truth.


Sorry if some of you haven’t seen it but there’s a part in the movie that the cops threaten NWA to not perform a certain song. Additionally they received a letter from the FBI stating they can be arrested if performed the song again. I’m not saying I agree with what they said but I admire their heart and boldness to go after what they believe in. They weren’t afraid of man or their threats. How many of us Christians can be afraid of what others might think if we bring up Christ, or randomly talk to someone about God? NWA’s careers and lives were on the line but they still sung the song they believed.
No cop is going to arrest you!!! It’s time we get bold and not let the world change us but we change the world. Speak up, sing your song, and share your faith!


The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion – Proverbs 28:1

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