Take the bible out of sex before marriage for one second, think about all the problems you run into when involving sex. Sex creates an unclear focus, you no longer focus on yourself but you focus on the other person way too much. You start to care way to much about what the person thinks about you not only physically, but mentally. You create a very vulnerable relationship making it almost impossible to really get to know you on a deeper level making the relationship last way too long before a commitment is even made. ( marriage) Sex makes things confusing if you don’t know if you are really in love with that person, It’s a physical ability to make you think you are in love with that person for a couple days Lol So many of us confuses the idea of love with lust. What is lust? Have a strong sexual desire for that person but not a strong long term commitment desire.

Sex can be used as a magic poison lol A craft to keep you locked in with no long term commitment. Maybe that’s what you want a relationship with no strings attachment I got news for you there’s always strings attached no matter how you want to look at it. Man or female once the relationship is over you always walk away feeling like a piece of you is missing. Either way you look at it, you end up getting hurt. If not afraid of getting hurt think about the person you are with and if that still doesn’t matter to you think about your family. The more you live that life the harder it is to find your match. You’ll be so confused to what love is you won’t know what’s real and what isnt.

The bible is here to protect you not to hurt we make life harder! It’s actually here to make your life better! It’s here to protect you to have a better life!

Take this challenge if you are in a sexual relationship, not have sex for 6 months and see how you truly feel about that person. Clear your mind to find the truth. To find if you really love that person. Sex shouldn’t make you love that person, their personality and mental stimulation should make you fall in love with that person.

If you’re a “Christian “ and your still having sex you need to cut that aaaallll the way out! (Galations 19-21) Read that scripture and tell me if this is right as a Christian

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