What Would It Take For You To Be Homeless!
I think many of us can wonder how can a person be homeless? Many believe it starts from the outside then works its way in. Meaning losing financial stability or broken relationships etc. Which in some cases this might be true, and for the most part when I do see this case most bounce right back. But for the majority of homelessness, it starts in the mind. You give up on the mission of life and you lose purpose. Your life becomes ruled by the pressures of the world.
As I do outreach almost every day I engage with some many people. And the one thing I see in common is the fear of responsibility. The fear of failure and the fear of the call of one’s purpose. When people fear these things they become weighed down by the pressure of the world and become a slave to that pressure. This leads the individual to drugs and drinking to numb out the pain of what “could” and not face the reality.
When I ask what would it take for you to be homeless? I’m really asking what will it take for you to give up? To give up to the purpose of God. Many of us can be homeless spiritual but physically have it all. Being homeless means living in a world without a home. Spiritual Homeless is much closer than what you think. Some of us give up our home with God when we give up the responsibility that God calls you to live by. This then produces homeless of the mind from a spiritual sense, Living with no purpose going through the motions of survival but always hearing in the back of the mind what is the point. Like many homeless people I run into the world, they try to go to every meeting and appointment they can but when it calls them to take on the ownership of their home they can possibility get, they run away and go back to the drug or person that keeps them in the place they are because they accept their behavior. Many of us get that way spiritually too… going to every church meeting doing what they are supposed to do but when you are called to take ownership of their sin then run! So we go back to the places that accept our sin and do it all over again.



Romans 1:21-23New International Version (NIV)

21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.


I’ve experienced this spiritual homelessness before but I never realized how serious it was until working with the homeless community. I see how the longer you stay homeless the harder it is to live in a home. Your mind adapts to a certain lifestyle and even when you get a home because you live a certain way for so long they try to bring that lifestyle into a home and quickly they are back on the streets. Spiritually it is exactly the same… Take the challenge and ask yourself am I spiritually homeless? I’m I in a place where no one calls me to take ownership of my sin? Don’t let it get to late God has an amazing home for you. He is just waiting for us to come home to it.


The difference between transition and change is to change is moving into a whole new world you are not familiar with rather a transition is going in the same direction just a different path…. During the journey with Malachi I hit a very confusing time, Malachi has always been on the road of transitioning which then, of course, put me as a person in transition. Like any owner, you become married to your mission. Not to say I idolize Malachi but I did treat it as if it was apart of me. As I moved forward in another transition with Malachi I notice how much we have grown apart…This time transition produced change….Not change in Malachi but a change in me. Change that developed questions and these questions developed me. The one biggest question that motivated me for change was, I’m a really surrender to the destiny God has planned for me? or am I the God that is planning my destiny? During my journey of the many transitions I have had with Malachi I mastered the ability to display my faith.If anyone knows me, they know when it comes to Malachi I have tremendous faith.But one of the things I realized during this time of change, I had the faith of expectations of my own outcome rather than Gods, which is not faith at all. When I defined change as moving into a whole new world you are not familiar with, this is the faith I desired but was too afraid to live in. I believe God has used many road blocks to lead me to take this step of true faith. It’s scary and quiet confusing but it causes me to be on my knees almost all the time which is exactly the place I need to be…
Don’t freak out I’m not letting go of Malachi, I’m just letting God be God this time around. I’m excited because I feel refilled which allows me to pour out even more to you! Change only makes the fire go in a different direction.
Keep Pushing! -Garrett
1 Corinthians 3:13-15New International Version (NIV)

13 their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work. 14 If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. 15 If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved—even though only as one escaping through the flames.

Giving your heart is something we always hear but do we really know what it is? Do we really know what it looks like? I never understood it until this week, I give all the time to people in need but I never gave from the heart. To give from the heart is literally giving your heart to someone. This is hard because they can possibly step on it, drop it by not be careful or even losing it leaving it there for it to root and dye. It’s a scary idea and I understand why many people run from it, and even think they give their hurt but unconsciously maybe not be ( Like Me).

Mark 14:34 “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death,” he said to them. “Stay here and keep watch.”

Jesus gave his heart, and the result was everyone he gave his heart to step on it. Judas betrayed him, Peter denied him and everyone he ever loved he took the penalty of their sin for. Jesus was to the point of sorrow because he knew all these things would happen but yet he still did it.

Giving your heart isn’t giving your heart at a distance, you can’t give something to someone without giving it to them if that makes sense. From my experience the only way to experience amazing Joy! A God-gave joy that can’t leave you. I’m talking about a joy that when you think about it, you get so happy you get emotional joy. This joy can’t be obtained without the process of giving your heart. When giving your heat, it produces loyalty, trust, and true love.

Being like Jesus is hard now but if you really want to see miracles and to feel that overwhelming joy… give your heart. You will get hurt but when you get hurt you gain wisdom and understanding.In Gods world, its a win, win! Just imagine the world that gave their hearts rather than giving from a distance.

Giving your heart is the key to seeing God in your life. Just like everything, anything you value takes sacrifice those who sacrifice see God.

The Sin You Can Never See.

As an early Christian, your sins are so easy to spot. You see all the surface sin that you know was wrong you just didn’t want to give up just yet. As you get older in your walk with God the sins that get revealed are more and more disgusting. As your heart desire’s change to be more like Jesus, you learn to hate sin and when you see it in you, you just want to crawl under a rock.


I have been really trying to walk this walk for a little over 3 years and at this particular time in my life, I am beginning to see how much pride I actually have. When you study pride you learn to understand how horrible it really is. If you really think about it, pride stems from every sin you can think of. For example, lying, you don’t want to be wrong or you don’t believe God will deliver you from the situation so you take the matter into your own hands. Sexually immoral, you don’t believe God will fulfill you with the right person or fill the wholeness you are missing so you take matters into your own hands. The list can go on! Pride is one of the most blinded sins, you can never see it and if you have too much you will never listen when someone tells you about it.


I recently broke my ankle causing me to rely on everyone around me. If anyone knows me they know I don’t like to ask for help. So you can only imagine me getting around trying to do things on my own. At this moment I was not only able to hear my sin that people have been telling me for years but now I can see it! I saw how I can take some people for granted and have this sense of self-entitlement. It was the ugliest thing I witnessed about myself. But this view of myself has caused me to repent.
Look at pride as deadly as any other sin. Pride is what got satan to where he is today. He thought he was better than God. Every time we take matters into our own hands, we are believing that we are better than God. I don’t know about you but that hurts to even say! If you are having trouble getting closer to God ask yourself how much do you rely on him? How much do you pray? Do you honestly believe everything you have and everything you are is God’s? Or do you think your earned it? He doesn’t bless you for you! He blesses you for others.

What Is Christmas?


In today’s society I believe we have lost track of what Christmas really is. We make God invisible and create a celebration focused on our self. We have created a character to mask the true giver of our gifts. I mean think about it There is this man that comes from the north pole that knows if you are naughty or nice?? Sounds a little familiar? What about the little elves that Santa Claus has?? Sounds like the replica of Angels! The whole character of Santa Claus is the American God. Christmas has become a self center holiday that focuses inwardly and not enough about God. We give gifts to each other without recognition or glory to who gave us the financial resources to give. Aren’t we supposed to celebrate the gift God gave to us first? After all, this is what we are celebrating right?   I mean technically Jesus birthday wasn’t on Christmas, but if it is what we are celebrating we should recognize him right?


The question is what does God want?


Hebrew 11: 6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.


If faith is what pleases God then faith is what needs to be exercised during the time we celebrate Jesus. What does it look like for you to exercise your faith this year? How can you please God with it? One area is loving people that can’t give you anything. Faith is displayed through love because when loving fully your at risk of being hurt. In the possibility of being hurt, you believe and trust God in  His comfort, that God will lead you through.
I want to challenge you…focus on God this year and give the gift that matters. Exercise your faith and love for those who’ve done nothing for you and love on those that may be a little harder to love, those are who need it the most. Love people the way Jesus Loved you!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.47.40 AM


People around you are all looking for hope! Lets make this month the start of a new habit. No longer focus inwardly but outwardly. Focusing on how we can be that hope! Jesus Lead by serving lets put his art of leadership into practice! Listed below are a list of challenges for the month! First one to finish them all we will send you a free shirt!!

Lets be the light!


1.Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people right now.

2.Email or write an old teacher who made a difference in your life.

3.Leave a nice server the biggest tip you can afford.

4.Forgive someone, and never bring up the issue again.

5.When everyone around you is gossiping about someone, be the one to butt in with something nice.

6.Write someone a letter. Like a real letter, on paper. And mail it!

7.Stop to talk to a homeless person.

8.Talk to someone at work whom you have’t talked to before.

9.Plant a tree.

10.Make two lunches and give one away.

11.Pick up some flowers and give it to the first single mom you see.

12.Say yes at the store when the cashier asks if you want to donate $1 to whichever cause

13.Send a surprise book to someone from an online retailer

Now think of that child as a young adult, and that toy is personified as sex. Think of what people will do when they are suddenly deprived of the experiences they had with that one person. They will cross oceans, conquer nations, and work their fingers to the bone to get it back. And all the while, they think of nothing else…they are wholly, ruthlessly focused on re-acquiring the “love” that they’ve been deprived of, and nothing will stand in their way. Eventually they later realize that sex is not the center of our life.

When you decide to wait until marriage to have sex, you realize the toy is only an imagination to what love really is but not the real thing. Many people in this case worship the fulfilment of this toy. It gives them purpose and worth and the only way to fill love is to keep giving it.

As stated in our previous blog, Oxytocin is the hormone released in both men and women when intimacy occurs. Oxytocin can be easily fabricated, just with close contact to another human being (or a pet). Just twenty seconds of hug contact, even with a stranger (with a tolerable level of body odor), can dramatically boost levels of oxytocin. It is very much the bonding glue for humans. To further complicate things during intimacy, oxytocin is produced more in women, whereas dopamine is produced more in men. Dopamine is the pleasure high that tells our body that we desire things. This hormone is what leads humans to addiction. This difference in the release of these hormones explains how a relationship not founded on God, will be founded on science. Thus, the women will want intimacy, and the men will just want pleasure.

When you start to get distracted, you will remember this great thing that you are missing — this favorite toy that you’ve willfully set high on a shelf — and you will refocus yourself, and drive ahead harder and harder…until one day you win it. And it’s everything you thought it would be.

So I got a chance to see the movie War Room with my church this past Sunday! Besides the acting skills, I would have to say overall it was a really great movie! The movie was about surrendering to God through prayer and letting God fight your battles. I don’t want to tell too much of the movie, but my favorite part was when the older lady asked the younger lady how her prayer life was. She was shocked anyone would ask her such a bold question when first meeting her. She said “it’s ok, I pray here and there.” The older lady said “would you say it’s hot or cold?” And the younger lady said “I wouldn’t say it’s hot or cold, somewhere in the middle.” Then the older lady went up to get them some coffee. After the older lady returns with the coffee, she hands the younger lady the coffee, and she immediately spits it out.  The younger lady said “you like your coffee room temperature?” The older lady says “no baby mine is hot!” She continued “no one likes lukewarm coffee, not even God!”

It was a question that woke me up! How is your prayer life? Is it hot or cold? How do you pray when no one is looking? Do you go to God first before going to people? Do you look at your prayer life as your personal weapon? I think the biggest key to this movie is knowing that some battles are meant to be fought with prayer. Often times we fight to change the situation, when the only thing we can change is ourselves. Even though at times it may be hard, our prayer to God is that we remain in Him, even when the situation doesn’t seem of Him.

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Prayer bring peace, go to war in your prayers believing and trusting God will fix it.  

Check out the Trailer!



Studies show that in today’s society 60% of Christian still struggle with pornography. Why is this a struggle for Christians? Do Christians believe that pornography is a sin? Maybe they do believe it’s a sin but it’s too hard to change, so we solidify it with the famous quote “God knows my heart.” We all have been there but I think as you grow in your walk with God you realize if God knows my heart he also knows who you desire to please the most. Jesus says in John 14:15 if you love me, you will obey my commands. When temptation is knocking at your door, who do you love? Yourself, or God? It’s like someone saying “I know cheating on my girlfriend is wrong but I still do it”, and then he follows the statement with “I love her though.” Would you believe that he really loves her?


The truth is that 61% of Christians believe sex before marriage is okay.   That’s more than half the population of Christianity. Ephesians 5:5 For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Though many may believe in the values of sex after marriage, practicing self-control and discipline is a separate battle of its own.  Speaking from personal experience I had the mindset of staying pure before marriage, I believed in purity but my actions showed something different. Relating to others with the same struggle, the question I asked myself is why it was so hard to follow my values and beliefs. Shouldn’t my actions easily follow what I believe?


Romans 7:21-22 21 So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. 22 For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; 23 but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me.


I think we all underestimate our mind. What we see are deposits of what we do.  Pornography is the core of our distorted view on; men and women, marriages, relationships, and sex. In today’s society everyone is expose to some sort of pornography, from social pornography such as movies, music videos and even billboards. These all create neurological pathways in our brain. In other words creating new beliefs in our mind towards men and women, marriages, relationships, and sex. Which eventually depletes our old beliefs in staying pure and accepting our new ones. Therefore creating our own bible and not sticking to Gods word.


Some may argue “the bible is old! We live in different society we don’t need to apply everything in the bible with today”. The society and culture may bee different from what we see in the Bible, but the principles and process for living are not. As we see in Romans 7, Paul describes the same troubles that we experience today. Biologically nothing has change so what we allow our minds to see, produces fruit of correlated actions. Therefore the more social porn we expose yourself to the more expectations we create towards our relationships, marriages, the use of sex and even our men and women. The role of a Christian is for us to be set apart as a holy. We are to look different to the world, and be okay with looking foolish to the world.


1 Corinthians 1:21 – The world with its wisdom was unable to recognize God in terms of his own wisdom. So God decided to use the nonsense of the Good News we speak to save those who believe.


What the world expects in its wisdom is contrary to Gods Word. Saving your first kiss till marriage is “nonsense” or “foolish” to the world. But the wisdom of this world is based on sexual expectation that gratifies self rather than God.


Social pornography has corrupted many modern day Christians of today. As one of those victims I chose to make Christianity not just a word but an identity that stands for something. We need to stop looking at the bible as a rule book and look at it as a training manual.


If you’re a Christian and still having sex open your bible and find out what the correct definition of a Christian is, then really ask yourself if you reflect that. This is not to judge but to challenge what you truly believe.
Take the pledge! #NoMarriageNoSex

No Marriage No Sex


Yes I saw the movie, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Over all I would have to say it was a good movie. I was inspired by the passion and the drive the members of the group had but most of all the purpose of their journey. The reason they had such a successful journey in their career is because they had a passion to see something change. Growing up in the hood the passion came from seeing something unfair. My question was why don’t Christians have that same passion?


Why are we speaking passionately on how it’s unfair to live for yourself and not for God despite all the things he has done for us? Why aren’t we speaking about how God changed us? Why can’t we have a Christian revolution to change what is wrong to right? Why don’t we speak up on what the media feed us, and their goals to make us desperate to where we believe anything they feed us, while doing anything they tell us. Or how about sex before marriage? How it’s been such a norm in the Christian culture, while still pointing the finger at same sex marriage


The movie Straight out of Compton is the reflection of us in the world. We see how the world treats us but we don’t do or say anything about it. We need to be reminded that we have a voice and the only way things will change is if we stand up for what was right and repent to the truth.


Sorry if some of you haven’t seen it but there’s a part in the movie that the cops threaten NWA to not perform a certain song. Additionally they received a letter from the FBI stating they can be arrested if performed the song again. I’m not saying I agree with what they said but I admire their heart and boldness to go after what they believe in. They weren’t afraid of man or their threats. How many of us Christians can be afraid of what others might think if we bring up Christ, or randomly talk to someone about God? NWA’s careers and lives were on the line but they still sung the song they believed.
No cop is going to arrest you!!! It’s time we get bold and not let the world change us but we change the world. Speak up, sing your song, and share your faith!


The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion – Proverbs 28:1