One thing that is bitter sweet for me is the ability to feel so much. Sometimes I wish I could be someone else and not feel so much. But there are times when I am so thankful for feeling the emotions that I do feel. I feel happiness and joy as food going in you after a long day of fasting. I can feel every part of my body coming alive, and it can last for days. But on the down side of feeling everything is when I feel sadness or aloneness I literally feel like I’ve been stabbed. If anyone really knows me you can completely tell I’m out of it, a matter of fact you don’t even need to know me lol. It’s something I am really trying to work on because I hate being the Debbie downer.

This blog is for the ones that struggle in feeling so much. When feeling so much sometimes you feel so alone because you’re trapped in this make believe the world, where everyone acts like things are fine but they’re not. Suppressing feeling never gets rid of feeling it just makes the problem grow. Passion creates love, passion creates connection and passion creates humanity. All of these components are one in the same but it’s really what makes the world go round.

With every positive, there is a negative. Passion can also create hate, disconnection and kill humanity. As I look around in the world you see so much hate for one another for various reasons; race, income level, who you associate with, religion etc. The number one trap I see humanity falling into a passion of money. I see it distorting the world in so many ways. I recently watched a documentary called “What The Health” and it just shows that humanity is willing to sacrifice lives for the passion of money. Passion is a powerful tool it can either change your world or distort it. So the question how do you control it?

I believe the battle in feeling so much is not searched what will make you feel better but what is right. What is right for not only you but for others. Perseverance Is going through hardship for an outcome for you and others. The key with channeling your passion for the good is to change your perspective on the situation at hand.

Most of the times I’m feeling a lot is when my eyes are open to how bad the world is and all the hurt I see. And the other is when I see the close people to me hurt. In both cases, I literally can feel everything the world feels or how the people close to me feels. I am still working on this but when these happens I remind myself that all things happen for the good – Roman 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.

I focus on the testimony of each individual and how amazing God is, using bad things to restore the world. I thank God for humbling us, any chance he gets because if not who knows where our passion would lead us. If you struggle with feeling so much it’s not a bad thing Jesus felt so much but he always focused on what was right for humanity and not what would make him feel for the moment. Be proud of your passion use it to empower others and bring genuine love to the ones that don’t know love. Passion was created to bring us together

Pray for me guys still working on this!