The Sin You Can Never See.

As an early Christian, your sins are so easy to spot. You see all the surface sin that you know was wrong you just didn’t want to give up just yet. As you get older in your walk with God the sins that get revealed are more and more disgusting. As your heart desire’s change to be more like Jesus, you learn to hate sin and when you see it in you, you just want to crawl under a rock.


I have been really trying to walk this walk for a little over 3 years and at this particular time in my life, I am beginning to see how much pride I actually have. When you study pride you learn to understand how horrible it really is. If you really think about it, pride stems from every sin you can think of. For example, lying, you don’t want to be wrong or you don’t believe God will deliver you from the situation so you take the matter into your own hands. Sexually immoral, you don’t believe God will fulfill you with the right person or fill the wholeness you are missing so you take matters into your own hands. The list can go on! Pride is one of the most blinded sins, you can never see it and if you have too much you will never listen when someone tells you about it.


I recently broke my ankle causing me to rely on everyone around me. If anyone knows me they know I don’t like to ask for help. So you can only imagine me getting around trying to do things on my own. At this moment I was not only able to hear my sin that people have been telling me for years but now I can see it! I saw how I can take some people for granted and have this sense of self-entitlement. It was the ugliest thing I witnessed about myself. But this view of myself has caused me to repent.
Look at pride as deadly as any other sin. Pride is what got satan to where he is today. He thought he was better than God. Every time we take matters into our own hands, we are believing that we are better than God. I don’t know about you but that hurts to even say! If you are having trouble getting closer to God ask yourself how much do you rely on him? How much do you pray? Do you honestly believe everything you have and everything you are is God’s? Or do you think your earned it? He doesn’t bless you for you! He blesses you for others.