What Is Christmas?


In today’s society I believe we have lost track of what Christmas really is. We make God invisible and create a celebration focused on our self. We have created a character to mask the true giver of our gifts. I mean think about it There is this man that comes from the north pole that knows if you are naughty or nice?? Sounds a little familiar? What about the little elves that Santa Claus has?? Sounds like the replica of Angels! The whole character of Santa Claus is the American God. Christmas has become a self center holiday that focuses inwardly and not enough about God. We give gifts to each other without recognition or glory to who gave us the financial resources to give. Aren’t we supposed to celebrate the gift God gave to us first? After all, this is what we are celebrating right?   I mean technically Jesus birthday wasn’t on Christmas, but if it is what we are celebrating we should recognize him right?


The question is what does God want?


Hebrew 11: 6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.


If faith is what pleases God then faith is what needs to be exercised during the time we celebrate Jesus. What does it look like for you to exercise your faith this year? How can you please God with it? One area is loving people that can’t give you anything. Faith is displayed through love because when loving fully your at risk of being hurt. In the possibility of being hurt, you believe and trust God in  His comfort, that God will lead you through.
I want to challenge you…focus on God this year and give the gift that matters. Exercise your faith and love for those who’ve done nothing for you and love on those that may be a little harder to love, those are who need it the most. Love people the way Jesus Loved you!