Now think of that child as a young adult, and that toy is personified as sex. Think of what people will do when they are suddenly deprived of the experiences they had with that one person. They will cross oceans, conquer nations, and work their fingers to the bone to get it back. And all the while, they think of nothing else…they are wholly, ruthlessly focused on re-acquiring the “love” that they’ve been deprived of, and nothing will stand in their way. Eventually they later realize that sex is not the center of our life.

When you decide to wait until marriage to have sex, you realize the toy is only an imagination to what love really is but not the real thing. Many people in this case worship the fulfilment of this toy. It gives them purpose and worth and the only way to fill love is to keep giving it.

As stated in our previous blog, Oxytocin is the hormone released in both men and women when intimacy occurs. Oxytocin can be easily fabricated, just with close contact to another human being (or a pet). Just twenty seconds of hug contact, even with a stranger (with a tolerable level of body odor), can dramatically boost levels of oxytocin. It is very much the bonding glue for humans. To further complicate things during intimacy, oxytocin is produced more in women, whereas dopamine is produced more in men. Dopamine is the pleasure high that tells our body that we desire things. This hormone is what leads humans to addiction. This difference in the release of these hormones explains how a relationship not founded on God, will be founded on science. Thus, the women will want intimacy, and the men will just want pleasure.

When you start to get distracted, you will remember this great thing that you are missing — this favorite toy that you’ve willfully set high on a shelf — and you will refocus yourself, and drive ahead harder and harder…until one day you win it. And it’s everything you thought it would be.