The Life of the White Flag 


What is the white flag life? It’s surrendering. Surrendering is a never ending story. I feel like in my life right now I have no choice but to surrender. I ask myself, “Why does it take me to have no other choice to surrender, in order for me to surrender?” Why is surrendering looked at as bad? Surrendering takes you out of the driver seat, and into but the back seat. Most people think they would be in the passenger seat, but I say the back seat because in some cases you have even less control then when in the passenger seat. The passenger can see more of oncoming traffic and even the driver’s blind spot. To be in full surrender you must be okay with  not seeing the outcome of the situation.


As humans this concept drives us crazy!! But why does it drive us crazy? Well the answer is we lie in the realm of unbelief! We don’tbelieve the outcome will be okay…Why do we not believe? We don’t believe because it is not in our hands.


The main ingredient in surrendering is humility. You can’t surrender without living in the realm of humility. Humility is living your life in the idea of complete understanding, and putting someone else’s wants before your own. In the character of humility, we have an understanding that we are here to learn. If we understand this concept the idea of surrendering becomes much easier. You start to look at your life as a learning process rather than a controlled crisis. Think about it, if your life was completely controlled by you, how would you ever learn, how would you gain new information? You wouldn’t,because everything you would do would go based on your own knowledge (The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice – Proverbs 12:15). We have to embrace surrendering on a daily bases in order to grow.


In order to understand the process we also have to identify with what’s coming from the enemy. If the opposite of surrendering is control then what is the main ingredient of control?  I believe it is our pride. Pride creates this unreal idea that we have to be in control. Where does this unreal idea come from? The world! We create all these standards that create unreal status quo for humanity. For example, your status in living, if you don’t make a certain amount of money by a certain age, and then according to the world you are a failure. Or how about for women, if you’re not married at a certain age, you consider yourself not good enough. These are all made up ideas in our mind that stop us from embracing the full surrendering God is looking for. Pride creates a wall between you and God. Ask yourself what are you not willing to surrender to today? Are you willing to surrender to Gods process to learn more about yourself and God? Or are you submitting to your own process running into the same wall every time.


I’m writing this not to say I know it all or have all the right answers, but I have ran into that wall many times and I’m sure I will many more times, but I do except the challenge God gave us to surrender. I have learned that I am addicted to his challenges not because I like hard ship, but because I’m addicted to seeing God in my life. I desire to grow therefore I desire his discipline. I challenge you to have that same heart and see how God works in your life.