Life With Out Fear

I believe fear can be looked at in one or two ways. We can look at it from either a negative or positive outlook. Imagine a world that had no fear, I think life would be so boring! If nothing can fear you then where would the excitement be in the accomplishment of enduring through it? More importantly if fear didn’t exist how would we strengthen our faith? Faith would be dead. The opposite of faith is fear. If we never had the feeling of fear then there would be no need for faith. All faith would be faith in our self-knowing, depending on ourselves rather than God. Faith is believing in what is not seen, therefore you have a choice in what you choose to believe; something that you see which can sometimes cause fear, or trust what you believe regardless of what you see and move towards it.

I think we should look at fear as a positive challenge. Overcoming fear with faith molds our character, makes you into the better person you are and most of all you GROW. I mean look at the many people that allowed fear to control them. If you see them now and five years later see them again in the same situation, guarantee they are the same person in prison by fear. It’s because they look at fear as a negative element in their life and for some reason they can’t get over it.

Fear can no longer be real once you experience it. Think of the last time you were fearful and you experience it, which fear no longer controlled you because the imagination of that real no longer existed. Sometimes we need to create a new experience of our perception of an event and overcoming your fear allows you to do that. I remember when I was 12 I feared this huge slide at this water park, all my cousins laughed at me because I was too scared to go on it until one year I told myself I’m going! I went and I couldn’t even push myself to go lol I had the instructor push me lol ( I was A Chicken) but maaaan did I love that ride! It ended up being my favorite ride to go on. I was going backwards and all this stuff, fear left me and I was no longer controlled by it.

What fears do you have that may be controlling you to let God work in your life. Maybe you have been praying for a certain blessing and God is asking you to go half way, display your faith that overcomes fears and watch how God moves in your life! Life is a journey experienced through the good the bad and the ugly so you can live, love and conquer.

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
James 1:2-4