God gave us this POWERFUL gift called free will, but it’s so sad that many fail to use it due to their perception of what the outcome will be. As Christians what makes Free Will so amazing, is that even though we think we are making a free choice according to our own discretion, we have an Almighty God that has already created an outcome for “free” choice that we think we have made on our own. Do you ever think for one second what the true identity of free will is? Understanding that identity is the fact of being who someone or something is, our free will gives us the choice of who and what we choose to identify with.
If we constantly identify ourselves with fear, we run into the risk of staying stagnant and never using the gift that God has given us. For example we have the free will of jumping out of an airplane tomorrow, but because of your fear of heights you don’t even think about doing it. Therefore you have allowed fear to rob you of your free will to enjoy an incredible experience because you have identified yourself with an outcome that you are not safe. I’m not saying don’t think about your choice and it’s outcomes but think with the idea of multiple possibilities giving room for the positive outcome to out weigh the negative. If you have the desire to be someone or do something use the gift of free will and go after it. Or in Gideon’s ( Judges 6-8) case if a possibility presents itself, that may be hard for you to identify with relate to the positive possibilities that can be attained through the experience and allow God to create you into who you need to be.
Our free will is supposed to be a gift of decision making according to our own identity from Christ. The safety as Christians is to know that God’s outcome and destiny for us is to be great, so the freedom in our choices are already backed up with a plan even if we fail. I challenge you to live according to the free will we were give